Club Service Committee is Rotary's first Avenue of Service and involves actions a Rotarian must take within the club to help it function successfully.

A director/chair of the club service committee shall be responsible for all club service activities and shall supervise all club service activities and coordinate the work of all sub-committees, appointed on particular phases of club service.

The club president shall appoint the following committees on particular phases of club service as follows:

     Attendance Committee shall devise means for encouraging attendance at all Rotary E-Club meetings; keep all members informed on attendance requirements and promote good attendance, maintain the club's attendance records and be prepared to do necessary reporting to the club secretary.

     Fellowship Activities Committee shall promote acquaintance and friendship among members.

     Magazine Committee shall stimulate reader interest in the THE ROTARIAN magazine and arrange for monthly review of the magazine.

     Membership Committee shall consider all proposals for membership from the personal side and shall thoroughly investigate the character, business, social and community standing, and general eligibility of all persons proposed for membership and report their decisions on all application to the board.

     Membership Development Committee shall review continually the club roster of filled and unfilled classifications and shall take positive action to initiate and present to the board the names of suitable persons to fill unfilled classifications.

    Program Committee shall prepare and arrange the programs for the regular and special meetings of the club

    Public Relations Committee shall devise and cary out into effect plans to give the public general information about Rotary, its history, object, and scope and to secure proper publicity for the club.

     Rotary Information Committee shall inform prospective members about the privileges and responsibilities of a Rotary e-club membership; keep members informed about the history, object, and activities of Rotary at all levels; and oversee the orientation of new members during the first year in the club.