Rotary Members To Do List:


First allow me to say that I am excited that ALL of you have expressed an interest in growing with the club in one way or another. I praise you all for your optimistic views and passion about what Rotary does and can do. With that said as we firm up our club’s structure we all need to make a real commitment to each of our individual goals and hold ourselves accountable to get things done.


1. Vice President/Executive Secretary Director, Assistant District Governor, Chanbir Kaur She is not only a club vice president–as you can see by her title– I consider one of Chanbir’s most valuable attributes to be, our club’s financial consultant. 


She has volunteered to assist the secretary and treasurer to expedite a semi-annual report (SAR) for the dues our cub will pay to Rotary International (RI). It has to be done this coming week and we are expected to pay dues to RI by September 30, 2014, next week. 


I believe Chanbir has strong fundraising skills and hope that will benefit a future committee to create an achievable goal for our first project. 


Hopefully next year Chanbir will not be an ADG and have more time to take up a strong leadership role in our club.


2. VP, Incoming President, Member, Rotarian, Youth Advisory Committee, Leslie Z. Pieters

Leslie is multi talented. In summary, she has been involved in the community like a Rough Rider one person Rotary club for some time. Inspiring, organizing, promoting, getting her hands dirty (literally and figuratively), as a new member she will realize that now she has not got to do it all by herself. 


Leslie asked me about the processes involved with being an administrator. As a Presidential Nominee she needs that skill to be most effective. In order to get up to speed on that Leslie may inherit the role as Executive Secretary Director before the year is up so she will have full admin access in order to learn everything ClubRunner offer. An eclub depends a well functioning website. Note: RI designates that the only directors with full administrative access are Pres. & Exec. Sec. Dtr. 


Not surprisingly Leslie and Charles may be the first to present a plan for a project. It could be to raise funds for students in Uganda proposed to attend the nonprofit school Charles is building on his own, with his own funds for young children that have no access to education other than an institute such as he has planned. Charles copied me on an email lobbying for Leslie’s involvement on such a project. We’ll have to encourage them and lend our support if that comes to be. The club looks forward to more on both subjects.


3. Three Term Secretary, Rotarian, Co-Youth Advisory Chair - Anthony Labiento 

“Tony” has gladly accepted the responsibility of Secretary and pledges to work with new member James Kabuye to share his experience and knowledge of the duties of secretary. Effectively taking charge of updating member states at It would be strong for us to develop a Youth Project with the district.


I would like to work with Tony on preparing a draft of our RI Presidential Citation that we present to the Governor when he comes on his official Club Visit, to every club, each year. See downloadable copy of the Presidential Citation that I will post and please lend your input too. 

4. Co-Treasurer, International Finance Consultant, Member, Rotarian, Komakech Charles Charles is like Leslie in the way that he is a Rotarian at heart, with a mission to make a difference. Charles has felt the impact of Rotary personally making a change in his life greater than most of us. 


Charles is familiarizing himself with the responsibilities of being a club treasurer so that he will contribute to the future Executive Board as a leader with financial and organizational skills in the world of international finance. 


Charles did not wait for Rotary to begin his journey as a philanthropist, effectively getting positioned to use the blessing of his education to place him in a lucrative job with , then investing in two plots of land, one on which to build himself a home and the other on which to build a school intended to help children whom suffered from similar challenges to his own uphill childhood. Hence the project that he is almost ready to make as a formal proposed project. Charles is building a school and hopes that through fundraising he will afford a teacher and perhaps a superintendent to be administrators. I salute his dedication to the cause and hope that we as a club can sponsor a few students or more whose fee is quite low as you will see.


5. Club Treasurer of Domestic Affairs, Member, Rotarian, Jayanthi Shivakumar 

Jayanthi demonstrates an enthusiasm to absorb and grow her knowledge of Rotary International and shows devotion to the future of our Rotary club. 


I am pleased to say that Jayanthi provided a full report on her experience at the Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI). 


She volunteered to be the keeper of our club ledgers, to correspond with the secretary, to handle the in and out cash flow of the club collecting and paying dues appropriately according to RI and District policies.


And to work with myself in projecting a balanced budget, for this year and I hope she and I will work together with me in preparing a plan to be bigger and even stronger in the year to come.


Note: Jayanthi’s report on the RLI experience will be posted as a story on our web site main page. Please be sure to check it out and get edified by sharing in her valuable experience.

6. Co-Secretary, Community Activist for social welfare, Member, Rotarian Kabuye James 

James is like Charles and Leslie in that he too has not waited for Rotary to start making a difference in the world. As co-founder of a local organization to provide for elders and youth. His philanthropic skills have already been sharpened on his own. Yet James does not shy away from opportunity, despite his already great responsibility. 


Enthusiastically exuberant when I originally suggested that he may be a secretary of the club. He immediately said “I will train myself to be an effective secretary”. After all it comes with great responsibility because only the president and secretary normally have administrative access to the RI website and accordingly to the club website too. The active secretary is Tony but James is a secretary elect, future Executive Board Member and eagerly supporting each step of progress the club has made since reorganization.


Tonight I spoke with GOL International Executive Rob Raylman who graciously accepted my nomination that he be the membership sponsor of James as I know that Rob has been an inspiration to James as well as instrumental in helping James receive a college scholarship. 


Rob has offered to be a James Sponsor and liaison and friend to the Rotary Eclub in an international way and that too will be a blessing to the collective effectiveness as we grow.


7. Director of International Membership Recruitment, Rotarian, Astrudge McLean -  

A woman of few words but steadfast and dedicated. Astrudge shows promise of being an effective member, seemingly focused like a laser on healing and her education that we naturally support. Her mission in our club is not yet clear, but I have had conversations with Astrudge that convince me she is destined to be a leader. 


Please involve Astrudge in your ideas and conversations and keep her in your thoughts as we all need to care for one another as Rotarians.


8. Club President, Rotarian, Paul Harris Fellow, Christopher McBride

Thrilled to be a club president again and comfortable at the helm, but like all of you I too have lots going on.


In my perspective it is my responsibility to be your assistant as you all develop into Rotarian Leaders. I hope that each of you will take a turn to be president, one by one, encouraging others as I try to encourage you.


We must grow our membership and so it is constantly on my radar that individuals who are my friends, neighbors or the guy on line next to me at the bank, be introduced and offered the same opportunity to get involved and by doing so we change the world. As my friend Robbie Donno has eloquently described it, “making ripples in the pond” such that positive change occurs through positive action. I will introduce more members to our club and I am counting on you to do the same. Kudos to Chanbir for introducing Rotarian Jayanthi to join us, who will be next?


9. Immediate Past President, Paul Harris Fellow, District Web Master, Dr. Cornell Frank

Cornell has been silent and is no doubt adjusting to his retirement from being a strong founding member of the Rotary Eclub of District 7250/7255. I like Dr. Frank, unfortunately we may simply be too many chefs in the kitchen and I suspect somehow I have managed to offend him. For this I am sorry and wish that he would forgive me for my offense. However his silence speaks volumes and I have heard through the grapevine that he is seeking membership at another club elsewhere. It makes me happy to know that he will stay in Rotary as I am sure he will continue to contribute as he dose and each of us do in our own special way.


 ~ Now for the challenge. Each member of our club with a goal as stated above or in addition to, is  asked to put a deadline date on what he/she is attempting to achieve. Reply in an email proposing that you will do this or that by such a date. We are all more effective with a deadline imposed upon us. 

~ My commitment to you is to introduce one new member in the month of October. My goal is that he or she will be inducted into the club before December 31, 2014. You too, should choose a goal and a date for success. It is with success that we may take stock of ourselves and be a model to others.