Agenda of the week
Review Minutes of the meeting recorded and submitted by Secretary, Anthony Labiento 9.5.14

INSTALLATION, CELEBRATION, September 4th, 2014 08:00PM -10:45PM

8 PM -9PM Members and guests spent one hour getting to know each other and introducing themselves to Charles in Uganda via Skype. Happy dollars were collected by Treasures Jayanthi Shivakumar and Happy Dollars of good cheer were shared at the end.

Meeting called to order by President Christopher McBride at 9pm ET/4 am KUT

Members attending; Christopher McBride, Leslie Pieters, Chanbir Kaur, Jayanthi Shivakumar, Astrudge McLean, Anthony Labiento & Komakech Charles via Skype
Guests: Tony Civitano, DG, Kathy Gibson, PDG, Irving Tolover, PDG, Aleta Labiento, Rotaract Chair, Past President Dr. Ed Maurer Freeport Rotary, Past President  Mark Treske Freeport Rotary, Cheryl McBride "Rotary Ann", Dahila Sarahi Student from Mexico and Representative of David W. Denenberg, Nassau County Legislature


• Opening remarks made by President McBride and the introducing of members and guests.
• President McBride also gave a synopsis of his time in Rotary for the benefit of those members that did not know him very well.
• Governor Civitano gave a welcoming address and did the swearing in of our new member Leslie–who was pinned by Governor     Anthony Civitano–and renewing members Astrudge, Chris & Tony, plus two transferring members Chanbir & Jayanthi. He  
  also inducted Charles via Skyp in Uganda.
• Leslie Peters was called upon to introduce herself and report on her work with the youth of the Roosevelt School district.
• PDG Kathy Gibson then addressed the meeting giving her well wishes and hope for a bright future of the e-club.
• A presentation was made by the representative of Nassau County Legislature, David W. Denenberg of a Citation by the Legislature
  to the members.
• President McBride then gave out 20014-2015 Rotary E-Club of District 7255 Certificates to the membership and thanked everyone
  for coming.


Meeting was adjourned at 10:45 pm ET/5:45 am Kampala time.

Submitted 9-5-2014

Tony Labiento

Thank you Tony for your responsible service by recording these minutes for us and very well done too.

Yes, it was joyful evening and I was very honored by the excellent turnout. Unfortunately we missed one new member due to an electric blackout and darkness. Read on for the kind regards from Rotarian James, who has since been officially inducted.

...Dear President Chris,
"I congratulate you all for making it a successful event for new member installation. Unfortunately I missed out yesterday, I had a power black out at my place during late night when electricity went off due to heavy rains at night. My video Skype was not clear at all due to darkness in background and dim light that could not make it a success. But i was with you at heart and thinking of what is going on at that time, my friend Charles called as he was logging on but his video also had a problem.
But all in all we are happy together, am going to meet Charles to discuss the way forward as we are now full members."
Rotarian James

(2) New Member Kits were purchased and have been sent to James & Charles along with an extra kit for a potential new member in Uganda when one comes along. Two Rotary theme pins from the Governor were also sent. Unfortunately I forgot to include the certificate citations from Legislator Denenberg in the package. So I hope that when one of our Gift of Life members PDG Donno or Rotarian Rob Raylman is headed there, they may bring them and perhaps meet with Charles or James whom they are already friends with.

(3) This evening over dinner I volunteered to bring 5 exchange students to the Rotary-United Nations Day if registration is not full. It is always a joy to see the eyes of our youth when they step into the big auditorium where international dignitaries sit discuss and try to solve Worldly conflicts. I love it because I get to see other Rotary friends I don't see much and the Rotary International President is usually around to meet and shake hands with.

(4) Just as the leaders of the free world gather at the United Nations to do their part and we as Rotarians serve our community. We as a Rotary Club will thrive the more we collectively collaborate our ideas and seeing through each others eyes and hearts. I personally know that our three new Rotarians are all caring and generous leaders with powerful dreams. They each have an important cause that we all should support one by one. Rotarian Chanbir & Jayanthi also shared ideas with me about expanding our membership and developing leadership skills. 

(5) So I call out to all of you to draft a mission proposal that we may put on the virtual table and discuss then plan and execute. A good old fundraiser with an easily achievable goal to get us rolling and see how we each fit in would be a good start.

(6) As you all know I will be attending RLI (Rotary Leadership Institute) on Saturday and I am proud to say that Rotarian Jayanthi has also expressed a desire to attend and continue her RLI experience with Part ll along with me. So we should have a nice report on that for you all next week.

My apologies for being a day late with our weekly meeting, family & business obligations have been many, but I know you all understand as you too have the same. So with that I bid you all a sweet farewell until next week and do not forget to respond with your comments to any and all of the content posted this week. My Pastor says he is not counting when I miss a Sunday. But I am counting attendance and it will be reported, so don't be shy and please speak your minds loudly! I appreciate you all.

Rtn. Chris
Rotarian Christopher McBride
ImageRotary Eclub of District 7255
PS - A full slide show of the full event with photos by Leslie and Chris combined will be available on our website soon. If anyone else has photos of the evening to share, please forward them to me quickly.