Weekly Agenda: 8.26.14


1. Thankful to be in the present, I appreciate the involvement from our members and member elects this week. 


2. Everyone has been heard from with one exception, Rotarian, Immediate Past President, Charter Member of Rotary E-Club of District 7255, Active Member, Director Dr. Cornell Frank. As with customary procedures I hereby move that a letter of intention be mailed to Mr. Frank stating that if we do not hear a response within 10 days. He will be deemed as inactive and not attending, thus not eligible to pay Rotary dues as a member of this club. This decision has to be made quickly of course because we are obligated to report our final membership status and pay dues accordingly to the District and RI. Your comment yes or no to send a letter,  is required in a reply please.


3. Our website domain name was secured by PP Frank and it can probably be done for less. So I am asking Rtn. Rob Saunders of GoDaddy to assist me with a secure domain name we have control of.


4. An account has been established with Square. An electronic payment system that allows for credit cards to be accepted, either using a smart phone and online. A permanent link will be on the website for members and contributors to access as needed.


5. We have money in the bank! Our Non-profit account is official and secure, at Community National Bank with an opening balance of $750, much thanks to Vice President,  ADG, Rotarian Chanbir Kaur for her guidance and help.


6. But we have to spend some. Our two pending expenses are, our ClubRunner website annual fee §239Æ40 and 5 New Member Orientation Kits, cost t.b.d. (to be determined) , they include the usual contents to represent oneself as such according to Rotary guidelines. Hopefully we will have 100% dues paid by all for the whole year by December 31, and sooner for the majority.

Note: ClubRunner has regular webinars that explain how to use our website, ask me.



7. Like myself, we all have a lot to learn. Yet, all together our collective knowledge, experience, connections and skills will galvanize and bond us to be capable of great things, if we are devoted and committed. Life is short, let’s “Make A Difference” to quote my friend Robbie Donno.


8. Social Media has many faces and must be carefully considered. Most of us have probably shared things we have done privately with the world wide web, that we might not want to share with our fellow club members, as strange as that may seem.

With that said I propose we learn to walk first before mixing social media and eclub. All in favor say, yea. That is not to say that when we are ready it may be considered.


9. I am excited to have the privilege of hosting the first International Rotary EClub Induction meeting of our District, September 4, 2014 at 8 p.m. E.T./3 a.m. Uganda Time. Ceremonies to take place at 10:30 ET/5:30 a.m. Uganda. The mood will be set with an international theme, refreshments and after dinner treats will be served. District Governor Civitano has expressed his desire to officiate.


10. Since my dreams are big, there will be news. The story on our home page should be attractive to visitors and exemplify our efforts to think as a community not as individuals. Starting now, with our three new member elects, one member of our club will be featured each week, until we have all had a turn. I hereby volunteer to be the publisher, editor and web graphics  coordinator.


There will be no more than 10 items on the agenda per week. I know many of us are professionally and personally overwhelmed. BUT! If you pledge to be a member of any Rotary Club and give Service Above Self, you will be blessed.


Please keep Treasurer Jayanthi in your thoughts for her safe travels and return, next week. Perhaps she will have something to share about her adventure.


Note: You must communicate with the Presidents Desk at least once a week by any mode of communication you have easiest available in order to be recognized as attended for the week.




Rotarian ChrisTopher McBride


Rotary E-Club of District 7255