In Response to the meeting which was posted last week ...
and to provide some news of club activity for this past week please read on.

But before I proceed with that, will each and every member please, take a few minutes this week and write a statement that expresses how you feel in regard to Rotary. Let us all know what your expectations are for our eclub and provide an idea about how to reach our goals. Each statement will be posted exactly how you send it without being edited. It is understood that many of us speak english as a second language and that in itself is very impressive, so make no apology about it, you are recognized highly for who you are.

Comments of the week:

Jayanthi wrote; Thank you Chris,  for the great report on the club.

James wrote; Dear Members, Well done for all your endeavors, ...and he reported; 
• Paul Harris TRF Luncheon Celebrating Light Up Rotary for RI
•  information and an attachment for the event.... re. the District Leadership meeting in November.
• Fwd: District Nominating Committee Seeks Candidates for Governor & Vice Governor (2017-18)
Thank you for remembering to cc: all the members James.

Charles; Has not communicated a comment on the content posted last week.

Tony; Replied back to my request to have him notify RI that GOL Exec. President Rob Raylman will be James official sponsor and I hope that he was able to do so. Rob and James have been friends for a long time and I felt that it would be nice recognize that bond and encouragement that Rob has given to James over the years.

Astrudge; Thanks to our director of membership..., Astrudge and I were invited to an exciting event in Brooklyn Monday evening where she introduced me to several prospective future members that may like to join the eclub, way to go Astrudge! She has also pledged to take care of her dues this month and Jayanthi will record the schedule for future reference and club accounting. 

Chanbir: Has not been heard from this week, I hope that she is feeling okay. Maybe we will hear from her this week?

Leslie; Has not communicated her comments re. the content posted last week. However I know first hand that she as out in the community this weekend doing her part for the local event.  Leslie cleaned up the environment, coordinated parade participants and staffed the entertainment stage along the route. Good work Leslie but what about Rotary? Although we did have a conversation about the Rotarian that calls himself the Water Man. His name is George Lewis and I strongly recommend that some day we work together with George on a water project, he knows all about the process and the grant system involved that can max out funds to make it happen.

Chris; Below is a short list of my rotary activities for the week. 
• I offered to help create a basic accounting system for our treasurer that will help to track our in and out cash flow. It would be good for us to all receive a monthly treasurers report, so we all know where we stand and this document should be instrumental in doing so. 
• I have failed again to send past president Frank a letter to request his intent to stay on or not. Hopefully I will get to that this week.
• Just a stroke of luck, while I was corresponding with friend Rob Raylman, I was excited to find out that he would be in Uganda this week and so it occurred to me that I should ask him to do me a favor and be the one to officially pin our new members there. I am pleased to report that today the event took place and that the guys were very happy to have such a friend to be there for them.
• Last night after the event in Brooklyn where I met possible members I came home and wrote them all a welcome letter to explain how the membership initiation process works. You were all copied so that as future opportunities for you to invite members happens that it will be a reference to refer to.

This week has been happy for me thanks to knowing Charles & James were pinned. That Leslie and I can finally put that consuming committee work on the parade behind us. That I mingled with such a nice group of people at the Rotary event in Brooklyn. But I am not happy that we are not ALL involved in doing what a Rotary club is intended to do, and that is collaborate, pooling our ideas together, devoting some time to a project that will be a blessing to someone in need.