Weekly Agenda:

Message from the Governor calling for each Rotary Club to assign one member to be a designated representative for each of the five Avenues of Service that Rotary serves.  [I think we ought to name a committee for each and all equally serve them together.]

Please read (page 2) and consider this appeal seriously then tell me the choice that speaks to you most so we can fulfill your needs and the needs of others best.

Club Service  Vocational Service  Community Service International Service Youth Service

Message from the President - As you are all aware by now from all the email sharing I do, I try to be very transparent which is why I copy you all on communication of anything that goes on in relationship to your club. If I were you I would like to know everything involved in order to learn more about stuff. But, it is not mandatory to receive these all these informative extra emails, anyone may opt-out of and just receive the Notice of Meeting Announcement that we will all get once a week if you prefer and that is okay too.

Our Club Runner Website is about to be back on line and as a matter of  consistency it will serve as the launching pad for our new year. Suggestions are all welcome regarding development of communication methods to consider going forward. There has to be a system of monitoring attendance as required by the rules of Rotary, but let’s get creative and think globally.

New Members ADG Chanbir & Treasurer Jayanthi are establishing a bank account with Community National Bank, a budget proposal for the year will be forthcoming shortly. Input from both Jayanthi & Komakech is welcome. Fundraising must be planned and a list of potential projects that we may aid drawn up for discussion.

Input is needed from ALL members no matter how you send it, via text, email, phone or Skype, just please contribute, listen and collaborate. Doing great things together.