Meeting 9.16.14

My how time flies, and let that be a reminder to all of us that since 90% of getting something done is getting started.

1. Member of the week Jayanthi submitted a zealous report of her experience at RLI, sharing many key programs that all Rotary Members ought to know about and practice. If you have not read her report, please do it is well written, informative and she should be heavily praised for her excellent communication.
a) Jayanthi suggested 4 potential projects, that is a great start. I have read what she shared and I like them all. Let's hear from you which one appeals the most or what other project you have in mind.
b)ERAY is a method of Rotarians contributing to the Foundation and has 2 great benefits. #1 If the members do their part, every year a Rotary Club can and should recognize a member with a Paul Harris Fellow honor. #2 The funds donated to the Foundation come back to us and the district in the form of a grant to help make a project that starts as a dream become a reality. I will donate $100 to the Foundation this year. I hope that you will all also. Will anyone volunteer to apply for a grant?
c) Strategic Planning is related to the Presidential Citation form that I was presented with by Governor Tony at our event on the 9/4. Planning lays out goals, and without goals we will simply bounce along through the year, then look back and wonder why nothing was done. With goals we can stand tall and be a beacon guiding others through our leadership. We have that potential. I know the quality of each of your hearts. We are strong individuals, solid community minded individuals. Let us unite and light up Rotary for others to see. Not to be prideful but so others like us will see that they too may join with a good solid organization that we are, and they too can help others in a powerful way through Rotary.
d) These words are worth repeating and thai you Jayanthi for carefully recording them for us...
The mission of The Rotary Foundation is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.
e) Methods of  Club communication: club runner, text message, email, FB page, Phone calls, News letter,Meeting Minutes, Meetings.

Well done Treasurer, Rotarian Shivakumar. I am so very proud of you and I salute you for superb communication!!! We will discuss these topics at more length soon. By the way if you would like to meet and discuss our club ledgers and 2014-2015 budget my office is always available.

2. Club attendance was up this week hearing responses from LP, CK, JS, JK, KC and of course CM. But I regret to say that we have not heard from Past Pres. Frank yet this year. So I will write that letter to ask him his intentions and get it in the mail. Sister Rotarian Astrudge has not sent in a note directly, but she has participated by encouraging a local Rotary club to reach out to me with a welcome to come and introduce the Eclub concept to their members. I am speaking of the Brookly Bridge Rotary Club and the event is September 29, 2014. I will do my best to show up and wish to thank Astrudge for her encouraging words. Please drop us a simple short note to let us know how your doing once a week if possible and kindly send all or half your annual dues as they are needed for the club to fulfill it's obligations to the district and RI accordingly. Vice President Elect shared some photos that she took at our recent big event and also expressed an interest in becoming more familiar with the duties I contribute as our club web master. It would surely be a blessing to share this arduous task with another.

3. I will be speaking with ADG Club VP Chanbir and Secretary Labiento about our SAR (Semi Annual Report) and RI dues this week as they must be paid before the end of the month. Rotarian Pieters has paid her dues in full for the year this week, and we have a pledge by the two international members James and Charles that their dues will be forthcoming shortly. They will pay $260 for the year or $130 bi-annually instead of $300 for the year because the Governor and his council made this allowance officially and the International Rotary Eclub appreciates it on behalf of it's members over seas. James & Charles you may coordinate with Treasurer Jayanthi to send your funds via Western Union when you are ready.

4. Secretary Tony Labiento shared with us that he and his darling spouse Rotoract Chair at Hofstra University Aleta Labiento and her Rotoract Club enjoyed 
helping set up the Babylon Village Rotary's fundraiser at the Long Island Yacht Club. After they worked setting up the event Tony and Aleta took 7 students on their boat to the Robert Moses Marina where they had a few hours to explore and see our great Long Island beaches. The fundraiser turned out to be a huge success. I wish everyone a pleasant week.

 Photos by Rotarian VP Elect Leslie Pieters