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James LaMantia, Chairman for Gift of Life Long Island climbed Mount Marcy, the highest peak in New York State on August 14, 2018to save the lives of terminally ill children with the help of Gift of Life.
Eclub representatives Secretary Benjamin Kettor & President Chris McBride collaboration with Rotarians from around the world. An experience that will be remembered forever.
Pieces of Peace


Rotary Peace Center at Duke-University of North Carolina Annual Peace Conference 2018, Pieces of Peace, Our Commitments to peace-building for a plural world. rotarypeacecenternc.org has a link to the video live stream feed of the conference that was recorded.

Rotary Eclub of District 7255, Club President Rotarian Christopher McBride is a contributor to the Rotary Foundation as a member of the Bequeath Society since 2013, and so he was invited to this event as a guest of the Rotary Foundation again. But this year the invitation was accepted. Carefully making the 500+ mile trip southward at a steady pace it took about 9-10 hours. Landing at the home of NY friends who recently retired to a location near Duke-UNC in Chapel Hill, he arrived on Thursday.

New Eclub Member Rotarian Neil Curtis Ambitious About Membership & More

Neil Curtis is the Air Rights Specialist at Douglas Elliman’s Curtis Group who is making high-rise development possible in New York City. Although he is very dedicated to the development of New York City’s architectural landscape, he has decided to pursue a long-time, heart-felt objective and help tackle the current economic crisis in Jamaica through the revitalization of agriculture through climate-smart, organic farming. With a strong family history in Jamaican farming, Neil understands the value and tradition of farming-to-live.

Building A School Where There Was None

Coming from Gulu in the Northern part of Uganda. I am the eldest son of a family with three boys and one girl. My parents died when I was about eight. I was separated from my siblings and and went to live with my uncle. I grew up in a difficult political situation from dictators President Milton Obote–twice–, Idi Amin, Okollo to our current government who refuses to let go of his power as you may have seen in the news recently. The LRA (Lords Resistance Army) abducted me at an early age of about 14 years old. They began their reign of power in the mid 1980’s During my teenage years–because of war zone areas– education was not possible. Only thinking of where there was chance to live the next day. Food, shelter, medicine and other basic needs were only provided by the World Food Program, but it was not enough for the people to survive. Many lost their lives, their properties were taken and families divided. The government could not save the people because the rebels somehow overpowered the government army. Because there was no school where I was...

Eclub Live & In Person with Gov. Wendy Walsh D7255

Club President "ChrisTopher McBride" hosted "The Gov's Official Visit" August 28, 2017. Governor Wendy delivered a positive message about resources available to members online and the District.
The Eclub of D7255 introduced transferring member "Christopher" giving Gov.Wendy the honor
of inducting him into the club, from his previous home club in Michigan. Yay, one new member at a time.
Club President Jayanthi Shivakumar installed, New Member Inducted and installed as Sargent At Arms, Past Presidents Pieters & McBride recognized for club service plus Executive Board installed as Directors and Club Officers




Eclub & Roosevelt High School's Health & Physical Education donate sneakers for Ghana Project

Membership Assessment Tools - Learn how to create an effective membership development plan with these tools. Includes information on recruiting new members, retaining existing members, and organizing new clubs. Serves as a companion piece to Strengthening Your Membership = Creating Your Membership Development Plan and includes planning guides, the annual classification survey and worksheet, and membership diversity assessment. Formerly: Club Assessment Tools

 Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Needs....

Look at the devastation left behind by Hurricane Sandy.

Can we view this image and not realize that we need to help?


                                  Photo Credit: NY Daily News, Saturday, November 24, 2012, p. 23

We are looking for grass-root suggestions/assistance from members and visitors, to make contributions to assist those among us who lost literally everything.  We suggest we get involved in helping the Rotary E-Club as well as our District Governor Mario, financially with the distribution of needed help to the victims of this monster storm.


Please do not stand idly by but make your contributions - please make out your checks to:

The Rotary District 7250 Foundation
with a note in the memo area: Rotary E-Club Sandy Help

and mail your check to:

The Rotary E-Club of District 7250
Attention: Hurricane Sandy Assistance
P.O. Box 8086
Hicksville, NY  11902-8086

without further delay.  Every contributed penny will go to help tose in need.

Thank you!



"Online Meeting Makeup" possibility for visiting Rotarians worldwide

Please see Rotary "Makeup" for Printer under the "Download" section to the left. 


Details about our Rotary E-Club Projects

Can be found in "Rotary E-Club Projects" under the "Download" section on the left.

Your kind donations will be gladly accepted.  Please make your checks payable to:

Rotary District 7250 Foundation

and mail them to the following address:

Rotary E-Club of District 7250
P.O. Box 8086
Hicksville, NY  11802-8086

We thank you!



 Members who are interested in joining our Membership Committee

 May wish to download our Rotary E-Club's "Membership Committee Handbook."

 Look in the home page on the left side for:
>Site Pages >Committee Pages >Club Service >Membership Committee Handbook



Rotary E-Club of District 7250 Mission to Haiti on June 15, 2012

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for sending the funds!  We delivered $1,400 of the money on this trip to La Feve School along with $10,000 of in-kind aid. Thechildren and teachers were very grateful.  We delivered the next $1,400 on our mission on July 28.

We did have the chance to share our project with the Rotary Club of Delmas near the Airport in Port-au-Prince  and please  see pictures below. 

Our mission was a huge success, and Timmy Thomas and Alana Joy sang at the camp with the children and provided a concert for the children at the orphanage in Mirebelais.   Here is some quick unedited footage from the Concert: http://traveltalkmedia.smugmug.com/Other/Airline-Ambassadors-Tell-Me/23646227_JJpsSq#!i=1914441553&k=QWjwx4J

Again, thank you and all the Rotary E Club members so much for the generous donation!  




Comment from our District Governor Gabor Karsai:
The pictures are wonderful, the film clip is moving!
Congratulations on a successful trip! Thanks for sharing it.
I am particularly excited to see that you hooked up with a local Rotary club!
I hope that this will blossom into a great cooperative relationship between the two clubs for the benefit of the Haitian children.
Love and respect,

Our Rotary E-Club of District 7250
official Charter Certificate
as issued by Rotary International
Signatures left: Gabor Karsai, District Governor 2011-12;
right: Kalyan Banerjee, President Rotary International 2011-12

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Report from Rotary E-Club of District 7250 on Haiti:
The club sent $1,600 to Airline Ambassadors and 100% of this money enabled the La Feve School to re-open their doors, and make education a reality for 150 students who are depending our the Rotary E-Club the children loved the new uniforms.  

The school needs $1,000 per month to keep their doors open a provide for the school fees and a meal for each child. Let's show them what the power of Rotary can do.!  

Please see a "Power-Point Presentation of Haiti Projects" and "information for Tent Camp Projects" in the "Download" section of the Web site for a description of our projects in Haiti.
If this report, the images and the "Power-Point Presentation of Haiti Projects," in our "Download" section, as well as other aspects of this Web site has inspired you, as a Rotarian or as a citizen of the world, to help us in our noble efforts, please do not hesitate to forward a tax deductible check payable to:
                 Rotary District 7250 Foundation

and mail them without further delay to the:

               Rotary E-Club of District 7250
               P.O. Box 8086
               Hicksville, NY 11802-8086
Thank for for helping make a difference in the lives of young children in the Earth Quake devastated Haiti.


Attention Club Members, District Leadership and Rotarians worldwide

Because of the Rotary E-Club of District 7250 flexibility, we meet 24x7 on the world wide web site www.RotaryE-ClubLongIslandOne.org.  We ask district leaders, around the world, and Rotary club presidents, officers and general membership, anywhere around the world, to please refer to us Rotarians you know who had either shown an interest in joining your Rotary club or had been members of your club and found that there busy schedule prevented them, to join, or continue their membership to due busy travel schedules or otherwise busy business schedule.  

Thank you very much for referring Rotarians to us.



 Our Rotary E-Club meets weekly 24/7 worldwide on the Internet

Our meeting material is updated every Sunday at 8:45 A.M.

To join a meeting:
At the home page top left (under the Club banner) look for Club Meetings, then point & click on
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To receive attendance credit:
1).- When you reached the bottom of the meeting material, scroll back to the top
2).- On the left side of the screen, under the web site banner you will see:
"Home  Stories  News  Calendar  Speakers"
3).- The next line shows "Event Detail" - continue to look at next line
4).- which shows: "E-Club Meeting" - continue to look at the following line
5).- in the dark blue highlighted box you will see "Register Online"
6).- Point and click on: "Attend or Decline" in the light blue highlighted box
7).- Complete the Sign-In Panel that appears by entering your "Login Name" and "Password"
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8).- Please leave a Comment about the meeting.  It is important to enter a comment before you proceed.
      Your comments will be incorporated in the next meeting.    
9).- Point and click on "Attend"
10).- Point and Click of "Return" in the lower right hand corners.

You may wish to make a printout of these instructions by pointing to "File" in the top left hand corner of the screen, left click and hold while you scroll down to "Print":  Point and click on "OK.."

An e-mail will be forwarded to you confirming your attendance.  Please do not expect the registration to be updated immediately.  Your President (Web Site Administrator) needs to manually post your attendance request.  This is usually done in batches rather than individually.

Members, please remember to register for the meeting in order to receive attendance credit.

Rotary International expects members to participate in weekly meetings for a minimum of 30 minutes per week (as per June 2004 Council on Legislation item No. 04-18).  

You may wish to use "E-mail Message Center" in the private section of our web site or respond (by including "Reply-to-All") to the e-mail that announced the weekly meeting to leave more elaborate comments.  The comment box in the attendance request area is limited to 200 characters including spaces and punctuation marks (actually more liberal than a twitter message).  Repeated request to the ClubRunner management to increase the comment box have, unfortunately so far, fallen on deaf ears.


A letter from a Rotarian that makes the point of the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy!

I know people are hurting in the Rockaways [and other places in Long Island and New Jersey], however, I am one Rotarian that was hit extremely hard in Howard Beach. I am the Immediate Past President (IPP) of the Rotary Club of Southwest Queens and have been devastated by the Hurricane.

Not only did I loose one-third of my home and my car (my only means of transportation besides walking) I own and operate a Day Care that has been destroyed as a result of Hurricane Sandy. The day care was submerged under salt water and raw sewage in a matter of minutes. Thank God we were closed at the time (evening) when the surge hit.

I have reached out to the families that have children in my day care and so far everyone seems not to be hurt, although some families lost their cars and parts if not all of their homes, as well as most of their possessions. Now we are all dealing with the aftermath.

Since everything we owned was overcome by the hurricane waters, we lost everything: books, strollers, high chairs, toys, cribs, rugs, swings, changing tables, toddler chairs and tables, cameras, computers, phone, etc. You name it - we lost it! The entire day care has now been gutted to the bare beams.

I honestly do not know if the day care can financially recover from the loss and fear that it won't. Although I feel a sense of obligation to my ten (10) staff members and the twenty-five (25) families in day care and twenty-eight (28) additional families in my pre-school program.

This program has been their only sense of "normal" since so many of the children were displaced during the storm and there is no telling when and if they can ever return to their homes. Two of my own staff members lost everything and are so grateful they have a job to come to (for now).

We need your help!

As a fellow Rotarian, I need your help for the sake of these children!

We all have food and clothing and basic necessities now (thanks to Red Cross and donations from various outlets), but we need assistance in the re-building process; assistance that FEMA and other agencies don't help with. We need to put the pieces back together, to get the place up and running so people can go to work and earn money to re-build their lives.
I am writing this today out of desperation for the children!

Frances O. Scarantino
Immediate Past President
The Rotary Club of Southwest Queens
Appeal from the Rotary E-Club President
To E-Club members, Rotarian visitors and the general public - please assist us in order that we may be able to help rebuild this Day Care Center.
Please make your generous tax deductible contributions to:

The Rotary District 7250 Foundation

marked to the attention of:
The Rotary E-Club of D7250 Hurricane Sandy Assistance - Day Care Center
and mail your tax deductible contributions to:
The Rotary E-Club of District 7250
P.O. Box 8086
Hicksville, NY  11802-8086
Every penny contributed will be forwarded to the Day Care Center!
Thank you for your kindness!
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