E-Club-District 7255
Merrick Road Park Golf Course
2550 Clubhouse Rd
Merrick, NY  11566
United States

Raising funds for electricity to reach The Garden of Knowledge.

Basic light, and sanitation are taken for granted by most of us. 

The goal is to raise funds for children in school and save funds for guests who pay too much.

Insurance businesses affiliated with Rotary will reduce your cost by more than you donate!

Special attractions will include music, show cars, culinary delights and beverages of course.

Come, Enjoy, Laugh, Network, Help, Eat, Drink, Mingle & Be Happy


See more about the school that Charles built at this link. http://rotaryeclub7255.com/Stories/building-a-school-where-there-was-none The Garden of Knowledge is now teaching more than 300 students. With his own honest hard working resources he procured this land, hired and paid workers on contract to make this dream come true. Can we raise enough for our District to give us a grant and for Rotary International to approve a grant so it can have lights, and all the essential things electricity does, that most of us take for granted.